Brittni Colleen


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Claim the success you desire all while feeling ALIVE!

Multi-million dollar Empire.

100K year.

6 figures in 6 months.

5-figure months.

The ability to travel the world.

Enough to pay the bills, enjoy family and simply play and enjoy life.

Success means something different to all of us.

The income, the money goals, the tangible wants are simply natural results that will occur when you start to define your success at a deeper level. To realize that you can create the level of income you desire by simply disconnecting to it as your determining factor of what makes you successful.

What we have found is that there is a common desire among leaders and it is to allow in  play, fun, flow, ease, and joy into their lives.

It's the feeling of being ALIVE!

Once you start connecting to the FEELING of your desires and start to play within your business, you activate superflow. With that superflow, you start to be seen in a way that is magnetic for your soul clients and the overall desires you want to call into your life and business.

You start to become an energetic match for your desires automatically.

In this energetic state, the money simply just comes and comes with ease. Our clients now work smarter, not harder and create success through energy. They literally make money while they rest, while they play, and while they are simply being themselves while showing up as the leaders that they are.

The more you play, the more you feel alive and the more you create from soul. It is soul that attracts the clients, the money, the travel, or whatever else success means to you.

The income then allows you to play with your visions, create, and execute from your own life force.

And for you, you have simply chosen business as the avenue in which you bring these visions to life.

The visions for the life you want to live.

The visions of the level of impact you want to make in the world.

The visions of easeful fun, play, and flow.

The visions of falling in love with your journey while receiving money with ease.

The visions of living in soulful abundance.

What is your vision, beauty?

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Maybe it's waking up hitting the gym, eating healthy food, jumping on some incredible coaching calls with soulmate clients, spending time with your loved ones and simply allowing space to be free to play in your way.

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Maybe it's traveling the world, hosting retreats that energetically shift people’s perspectives, where they finally feel whole, free and activated. All while you get to see new countries, experience culture, and get lost in liberating PLAY.

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Maybe you want to make enough money to stay home with your children and not worry about when or how you'll make things happen for your grand vision. You have visualized yourself waking up with your baby, hiring a babysitter for 2 hours while you jump on life-changing calls with your clients, come back and spend the day with your baby, allowing the space to be free and to play.

And so, she decided to start living a life she’d imagined.

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“Quinn here and I have a question for you, what does it mean to feel ALIVE for you?”

Because really, that’s what it all comes down to: the feeling of being free and alive all while creating impact in the world through our soul’s work.

And this looks different for each of us.

For me and people like me, being ALIVE means de-numbing your existence by feeling full-body connection again.

It means liberating yourself from the confines of the mind.

It means letting go of CONTROL once and for all so that you can finally play like you have always dreamed of playing.

It means FEELING everything again.

Feeling emotions flow through you (the good, the bad, and the ugly).

Feeling authentic human connection, feeling genuinely understood and HEARD.

Alive means feeling like you have found your people, found your place, and found your path.

It means you are trusting yourself daily, facing your fears like an adrenaline junkie, and burning away the chains of other people’s expectations and paradigms.

It means that you are birthing your unique creative body of work as a thought leader in a way that CALLS your soulmate clients forward. It calls them up to the plate through authenticity, magnetism, and inspiration.

It means that you feel activated in your body of work. Your mind/body/soul trinity is ACTIVATED.

Think of the big BANG that created our universe. Life is a divinely unfolding experience of the universe discovering itself again and again.

ALIVE is the BOOM feeling that happens when consciousness flows from one extreme to another and hits that sweet spot of realization, birth, and creation.

ALIVE is the same sensation of a deeply gripping orgasm. It is life coming into actualization and realization.

This is what we all crave in one form or another.

We crave it because it’s possible. It lives within us.

FULL actualization and realization of your power as a thought leader on the rise;

You coming to life in this way creates ripples of impact, pleasure, peace, hope, and LOVE at its best across the world.

ALIVE is what happens when you go from dreaming to CREATING, owning, PLAYING, exploring, and impacting in the way that ONLY you can.

Your journey starts with us now.


“Heya, Brittni here! I’m here to bring the HEAT, to ignite the leader within, and guide you to plant your flag to make your mark in the world with confidence and conviction through soul. My fire combined with Quinn’s ability to connect deeply with your soul and spiritual nature makes this a power force like no other. It’s ICONIC. This is where Fire meets Water!”

For me, ALIVE means taking your desired vision and stepping into it as if it’s your current reality and claiming it as DONE!

Live it, breathe it, be it.

It comes down to desire, your CORE desires.

The desired vision you have within that ignites the fire within.
The desired vision that catapults you back up when you fall.
The desired vision is your why. Why you started this in the first place.

For us leaders,

We are here to plant our flag and make a mark in the world. We are here to create a ripple of impact as we pursue our vision.

It's much more than just about us.
It's much more than just the message.
It's life-changing work.

However, sometimes we forget to remember why we are doing this for ourselves as well.

There is a desired vision for you, beauty,

Your desired lifestyle.

And business is simply the avenue you chose to make this happen for yourself.

We talk a lot about the impact you want to make, the message you want to share, the lives you want to change, etc...

But there should NOT be shame around YOUR desires and making them a reality.

Imagine the feeling you experience when you start to see your visions actually become a reality.

  • Your soul starts to come ALIVE.

  • You start to fill your own cup.

  • You are starting to raise your frequency in a way that becomes magnetic to you and others.

  • You start to become an energetic match for your desires which then becomes an energetic match for your soul clients as well.

  • You start to become an energetic match for your income goals.

It all starts with YOU.

Business is the avenue for impact.

And it's you achieving your visions that ripples an energetic wave to the masses.

I am willing to bet that if you close your eyes and see your core desires — the life you're living, your HOLY SHIT goals being achieved with ease, your tidal wave of impact rushing in where it counts, etc —

It comes down to the feeling of simply being ALIVE!

You are having fun.
You are exploring.
You are playing.
You are simply free and ALIVE.

All while making your desires a reality and creating massive impact at the same time.

It’s time to feel ALIVE in your life through your soul-driven business.

The journey can all start right now, with us.


Meet Brittni

An Intuitive Success Mentor for leaders. My power comes from the fire element, which allows me to ignite a fire in your soul and connect you to your truest essence so that you can show up with confidence and conviction and create a massive impact in the world, all while owning your gifts and who you are at your core.

I am an Oracle. I’ve developed my intuitive gifts so deeply that my psychic power has become my core gift in my coaching craft. I know, I see, I hear, I feel it all. I can instantly connect with your power source and your unique gifts when it comes to how your intuition speaks to you specifically as well as your natural logical genius. Together, we uncover your natural success rhythm where we bring all your powers to the surface; these are the powers that are natural and authentic to you when we BRING ON THE FIRE through owning who you truly are and owning that you can create success by simply being YOU and feeling ALIVE!

Since starting my entrepreneurial journey in 2015, I’ve worked with the most beautiful, powerhouse leaders who have created more success through owning their own genius and working less than they ever did while hustling. We want your fire to spread like a wildfire, not burning out again and again! It’s time to light up the world.


Meet Quinn

An intuitive guide and soul success coach for thought leaders on the rise. My power comes from the water element, which allows me to guide you into a state of serene magnetism and self-trust.  

I bring natural healing, energy work, and soul code channeling to the game. I will be sensing your core desires as well as the resistance that blocks you from making these desires an actualized reality. I am a clear channel, and my gifts operate like a mirror: I can see and reflect the raw truth of who you are back to yourself so that you can explore your essence, come back to your personal power, and bring this empowerment into your business as a thought leader contributing to world change.

Since starting my business in 2017, I have helped thought leaders and empaths from around the world to discover the true nature of their personal power.

Just a few magical areas of Focus

This private mentorship is customized to every soul client, but here are some areas of focus you may expect to experience.

  • Deep exploration of your own gifts, the message and impact that you naturally channel, and the clearing of resistance on your soul’s path. This isn’t about us sharing out gifts and success process so you can mimic it; this is about uncovering your own success path.

  • Activation of your soul’s purpose, the belief in your potential, and the compassion for your own innate human qualities.

  • Redefining what success means for you so that you are motivated through purpose rather than sales goals (while earning more in your business naturally).

  • Establishing, creating, and practicing the art of magnetism so that you can play more and work less.

  • Opening your throat, heart, and womb chakras for full-body magnetism.

  • Channeling your thought leader message through intuition, open heart, and open throat.

  • Embodying and understanding how money gets to be a natural part of your experience without placing financial goals on a pedestal.

  • Leadership activation: What flag do you want to plant down deep and how you are going to spread it to the masses through your soul gifts and authenticity?

  • Creating binge worthy content that attracts the people who can’t keep their eyes off of your work.

  • Unleashing your thought leader message in a potent way that calls forth your soulmate clients and impacts the collective deeply.

  • How to come to peace and harmony in your mind/body/soul trinity.

  • Familiarizing yourself with your inner world; you no longer need to feel paranoid about your energy.

  • De-conditioning yourself from fear-based, “means-to-end” marketing strategies and instead creating your body of work from heart-centered openness.

  • Creating confidence and conviction in your gifts, offerings, message, and owning it all from a state of full embodiment.

  • Exploring how your darkest moments and challenges create EMERGENCE. In other words, your challenges do not need to be feared or removed instantly. The more lessons you learn and the more you face your challenges with conviction, the more you allow yourself to grow and expand.

  • Freeing yourself from old paradigms and creating your own reality through your own inner empowerment.

  • Creating sales through energy and alignment.

  • How to tap into your natural abundance while receiving in a state of rest/PLAY rather than hustle/over-work

  • Working less, working smarter, and creating more success so you can actually LIVE and feel ALIVE in both your life and business.

  • Finding your natural success rhythm through masculine and feminine energy flows.

  • And much much more!

This is creating success from within, turning your visions into reality through the beautiful avenue of business all while feeling alive; we are here to show you how.
— Brittni & Quinn

Transformational Magic

There is no limit to the results that you will experience in this container. Here are some magical transformations that you can expect to experience:

  • Creating soul connections with soul sisters who binge your content and want to work with you.

  • Cultivating a state of being in which you no longer NEED or depend on money in order to be successful, that’s just a natural bi-product of your souls work.

  • Attracting clients who invest in being in your energy and who love you for you.

  • Potentially earning more in your business than you have ever earned before while thinking about sales LESS than ever before.

  • Get ready to play BIG! You are about to feel like you are finally creating that impact that you have felt the deep calling to create since you were young. This is not about blending in with traditional “coaching” paradigms or following pre-arranged strategies.

  • Liberating yourself from old chains and restraints that have kept you in a state of fear your whole life. Transitioning from fear to LOVE.

  • You are about to feel what it is like to PLAY with your message, movement, and body of work as a thought leader on the rise.

  • Becoming a natural magnet for your soul match clients in a way that allows for a lightness of being.

  • No more hanging over social media, counting likes, and waiting for someone to notice you. The magnetism radiating from within allows you to feel light within your soul while feeling seen and heard by the people who need you and your work the most.

  • Experiencing and cultivating a renewed sense of passion and purpose for your business and your life that you have never felt before but always dreamed of experiencing; it will all finally CLICK with your being.

  • Liberating yourself from the pattern of worrying that if your energy isn’t “high vibe” enough that you will ruin your business. Yet, those shadows of yours are very real and pretending that they are not real is keeping you stuck in a state of resistance.

  • Shifting out of resistance and anxiety.

  • Living in abundance/magnetism.

  • Finally understanding how to be SEEN in a way that is impossible to ignore.

  • You will start to see how there are unlimited options for how you are going to create your body of work. You can choose platforms based on your energetic makeup, you can attract clients in the way that thrills you, and you can share content from a place of calm tranquility without the need to PUSH the sale on anyone.

Remember that these results extend FAR beyond the duration of the program. You will be able to apply what you discover, learn, and grow from this experience into your life and business for as long as it serves you on your soul’s path.

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Quinn is a powerhouse coach who has changed my life. She is someone who can make you laugh, make you think, and make you believe in yourself and your gifts more than you ever have before.

In this world full of coaches and gurus, Quinn shines a light of genuine soul sister connection and respect. Quinn helped me shift from a overwhelmed and underestimated mom trying to get it all together into a self assured, supported, and confident coach.

I highly recommend working with Quinn if you are seeking to enhance your own natural gifts and powers without burning out or selling out. She will blow your mind and remind your soul who you truly are - a queen, goddess, and above all a powerful and sacred soul.

Daphna Romanoff- Confidence & Potency Coach

I know this term gets thrown around a lot, but working with Brittni truly was a beautiful synchronicity; working with her was exactly what I needed, right when I needed it. 

Going in, I didn’t really understand that I even had intuitive gifts, let alone how that might help my business, and Brittni helped me explore those gifts and understand just how powerful they could be as an entrepreneur. 

She did a wonderful job of tailoring our sessions directly to me - no cookie cutter approaches, which I seriously appreciated, and Brittni is one of those magical people who just always seems to know exactly what is needed to take the next step.

Beyond her incredible intuition and coaching ability, what I truly love about Brittni is the comfortable, safe environment she fosters for sessions - it’s just like talking to a good friend, who also happens to be an amazing coach - everything just flows naturally. Brittni finds the perfect balance of gently supporting, while still holding you 100% accountable to your growth. 

I am so thankful for my time working with Brittni and I continue to have a-ha moments from the seeds that she planted during our time working together. 

Samantha Hunter - Life & Biz Coach. Self-love Advocate.

The Specifics

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  • SIX private, 60-minute deep-dive sessions with Brittni Colleen

  • SIX private 60-minute deep-dive sessions with Quinn Downie (These sessions will run on an alternating schedule).

  • Unlimited back pocket access to 2 powerhouse mentors from Monday - Friday through a group Voxer chat.

  • Shared google doc of recordings and resources between you, Brittni, and Quinn with LIFETIME ACCESS.

  • Sacred energetic connection with 2 potent channels that helps you to birth your vision and body of work in full alignment with your soul.

  • FREE gift from Brittni: complimentary full access to her Video Mastery Self-Study Program.

  • FREE gift from Quinn: complimentary 3-month membership access to the Quinner Circle (playground for the modern high priestess).

Energetic Exchange

$7777 Pay in Full

or 3 payments of $2997usd


The experience and connection that has come through working with Brittni has been absolutely amazing, and I’m not sure words could do justice to the beautiful soul that she is, so here goes-

From day 1, We formed an instant soul connection. Brittni’s powerful gifts could see into the blind spots in my life and business that were keeping me stuck. She provided me the simple, yet powerful insights that led to major breakthroughs that wouldn’t have been possible had I continued to try doing all on my own. 

In our first week working together, my facebook group went from 0-30 aligned soul sisters and it continued to take off from there, as I was guided by Brittni to further unlock my powerful gifts and discover my own unique craft in the work I do. 

Two months in, out of the blue I signed my very first client, which to my surprise was Brittni’s mentor! It was such an amazing and mind blowing experience that taught me many valuable lessons. All of our work leading up to that, really gave me the basic groundwork to get started in a streamlined way. From the beginning, one thing that has always stood out to me was Brittni’s compassionate heart, being able to relate to the early stages of starting a business, and providing me with the continued encouragement to keep going even when challenges came up, with the intuitive guidance to light the way forward through every obstacle. She’s been an amazing cheerleader and would show up to every one of my livestreams, supporting me every step of the way. She truly cares so deeply about her clients and goes all in on the journey along with you. Brittni’s coaching is unique in that she isn’t trying to teach you a cookie cutter approach to business. She has an incredible entrepreneurial spirit, and can give you honest, practical strategies, while also encouraging you to forge your own path, which not many business coaches do. 

In my time working with Brittni, I received far more than I ever could have imagined, not only did she guide me in building my business from the ground up, after months of confusion and lack of focus, but she also opened my social circle up to connect with so many incredible soul sisters. This has honestly enriched my life for the better and has made this journey far less lonely in the process. She is a true firestarter, really helped me to come out of my shell and show up in my most authentic nature, letting go of the beliefs and patterns that were previously holding me back from pursuing my souls work. In our work together, I opened up to realizing my psychic gifts in a huge way, which had been under the surface for most of my life, giving me the courage and confidence to allow my gifts to come out into full force, with the tools needed to learn how to leverage and strengthen my powers.

Brittni is an incredibly psychic business coach and lightworker, with an innate ability to see into your soul and unlock your highest potential, showing you a world beyond what you may have thought possible before. I would highly recommend her in a heartbeat, whether you are in the first years of business, or you’re a seasoned entrepreneur thats facing a roadblock. She is a top notch coach, a true friend and all around remarkable lady who knows how to light a fire in her clients to guide them the their next level. 

I can honestly say that it’s been such a life changing experience, and I can’t imagine any other way. It was so well worth the leap of faith, and has set me up for success as my journey continues to unfold. 

Megan Corke - Psychic Soul Mentor


I found Quinn on a post with thousands of comments that I was scrolling, and she instantly stood out to me. Even through the tiny bubble of a profile picture, she shone with so much sincerity and inner beauty and I knew she was so different than the other coaches in the online space.

 As I began to follow her, and then eventually work with her, she proved all of that to be right.

 Quinn is nothing like the average coach that you see popping up on your news feed. She isn't just about  the money, or the follower count, or any of the those things. She is a prime example of what the world needs to change...

She helped me shed layers of myself that weren't needed any longer. She showed me that being myself is the only thing that NEEDS to be done in business. She taught me that what I have to say is needed, wanted, and further proved what I have thought to be true on the change this earth is going towards, and how businesses are shifting into a different paradigm.

 She isn't just a coach, she is a world changer. One of the most unique and confidently herself woman that I know, and has become one of my very best friends.

 If you give her a chance to be in your life, I PROMISE you, that she will help your soul shine like never before.

Love my Quinn.

Denisse Candelario - Mystic Soul Coach

It’s time to stop chasing success and start to magnetize it through soul.

As a leader you naturally go into full hustle mode and it’s simply because you know you are meant for more. You know you are meant for something big and you’re meant to create your own movement that shifts paradigms.

But ultimately, all this results in:

The long nights of stress,
The social media obsession,
The push to get on more and more sales calls,
The constant landslide of resilience (almost there, but falling right back down and getting right back up again).

You feel you’re being listened to but not actually being heard.

Maybe you’re constantly being told how inspiring you are, but yet no one is saying HELL YES to investing in you.

We get you, love.

We were there too.

It’s exhausting to constantly be fueling your fire. Because we know you; you’re not a quitter and you’re going to make it. You can see it, feel it, and it’s so close you can almost taste it, but you’re tired of the burnout.

You are just SO ready to stop chasing success and become the success.


What if you aren’t chasing success at all?

What if you are chasing MONEY?

And you may be thinking, aren’t they one in the same? - not necessarily.
Not unless that is what you are choosing to define success as, which is fine.

But we know that if you connect deep down, money is simply a PART of your success.

Success is something so much more.
Money gets to be a part of the experience of your life when you are enjoying the flow of your soul’s path.

Redefine success for yourself. Dig deep.
Because success wants you as much as you want success.

Right now, you are focusing on something else.

A capitalist dream,
A sales record,
A 7-figure empire...
None of these things are success in itself.

They get to be a part of your experience if you desire them, but you don’t need to tell yourself that THIS is how you know that you are successful.

Success is in your ability to ENJOY your life.
Success is in your openness to receive and play.
Success is in how you feel ALIVE and how you share this vitality with the people around you.

In return, you start to vibrate at a higher frequency that becomes a direct energetic match for what you’re wanting to manifest into your life and business. You become a match for what makes you feel most alive!! Then the money simply follows.

My love,
Let the rest come to you through flow and inspired action.
Surrender to the course of your life experience,
And allow yourself to ENJOY IT ALL. Soak it all up. You only live once.

And abundance comes to those who LIVE.

Together, we will show you how.

This is a limited time offering, beautiful. If you’re ready or even have questions for us simply click below on who you’d love to connect with and we are happy to answer any concerns, worries and questions you may have. The time is now love!


 Quinn was a catalyst for unprecedented growth… All areas of my life have flourished since Quinn entered my life, I learned to have healthy boundaries with myself and others, my relationship to myself has deepened immensely which has positively impacted all my other relationships.

I can once again connect intimately to the soul's of other people, where before I had closed myself off in a form of self defence. I have began to live a life full of passion with way less compromise on my core values. I know who I am again and feel confident in my own skin in a way I haven't for almost a decade. I could go on and on about how Quinn's teachings have changed my reality, my whole world, but instead I will finish off by saying, from the bottom of my heart, I am eternally grateful for Quinn shining her light in this world.”

Amy Quist - Intuitive Soul Guide, Divine Channel, and Yoga Instructor


Have you ever had an instant connection to someone?

Because that was me with Brittni.

She listened to her intuition and connected with me, and I listened to mine and signed up to work with her, 1:1.

I was looking for more, looking for a way to work my business more spiritually, and to connect with my intuition.

Brittni helped me unlock my gifts, and it was far more powerful than I could have ever envisioned. She helped me work on trusting my gifts, and how I can not only use these gifts to further and enjoy my life, but to also have a successful business, using the gifts that I was born with, and that I am worthy of sharing with the world.

She was more than just a mentor, she truly became a lifelong friend, and I can't wait to meet up with her in person one day.

She pushed my comfort zone, in a good way, and helped me when I was stretched and having difficulty seeing beyond an area.

My time with Brittni allowed me to really understand who I am, what I have to offer, and how to connect with people at a soul level. I am cultivating relationships with soon to be clients, and using the power of my intuition and my healing gifts, to help women heal on a deeper level and across the world!

If you have ever felt called to work with Brittni, don't hesitate! She is a true gem - she holds space for you, provides amazing wisdom through her own gifts, cheers you on, and loves you! The value she gives is MASSIVE - and just sitting in her energy is incredible!

You won't just grow as an intuitive woman, you will also gain a gorgeous friend <3

Teri Gosselin - Transformational Strength Coach